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2019 / 2020

Saltwood Postman: Paul.
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From Spring 2019 - 2021, It is intended to photograph, for future archive purposes, the people who live and work in the village of Saltwood, Kent, for a Saltwood village archive portrait project to be known as 
Portrait of a Village
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Mike Dugdale - Photographer


Saltwood has been Mike's family home for over 30 years. 

Mike has a demonstrated & respected history of working in the media production industry, a proven & credited reputation in tv production, music, photography, film, documentaries, commercials, and as an experienced international cameraman. 


Mike has recently won a British Life Photography Award 2019  and his pictures of Kent miners are to feature at Betteshanger Regeneration Park in the Autumn of 2019.



1838 - 2018

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Lilian Maria Wright
Lilian Maria Wright

Saltwood Churchyard Gardeners. 2011
Saltwood Churchyard Gardeners. 2011

 Arthur Linsay Palmes.
Arthur Linsay Palmes.

Rector of Saltwood 1900 - 1910

Lilian Maria Wright
Lilian Maria Wright


Please contact me if you would like to suggest your portrait be included in the Portrait of a Village project, or if you have a portrait of a past relative, inhabitant or worker in Saltwood, for copying for the archive collection, please use the contact box to leave your details below.

Thank you.  Mike Dugdale

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Mike Dugdale - Photographer

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