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Portrait of a Village



Photography will commence in early Summer of 2019. It would of course be impossible to photograph an entire village. The project will concentrate on the movers and shakers, young and old, the characters, the faces, the workers and the fascinating ordinary of Saltwood, Kent. Hopefully, a cross section of representative portraits taken either at peoples own home, place of work, or at leisure.  The portraits will then form a photographic archive of interest and fascination for future decades, portraits of the people of Saltwood as they were in the first quarter of the 21st century.


Mike already has a considerable archive collection of early views and portraits of Saltwood people, many from pre 1900. (View Archive Collection). The Portrait of a Village Archive Collection continues to grow and with your help, Mike hopes to collect and copy images held in private family albums or treasured photo frames. The archive collection consists of photographic views or portraits of Saltwood people taken from the earliest surviving photographic records until 2018. If you have an image of interest, Mike will collect, copy and return the image to you. Please use the contact form to get in touch.


The photography will be by Mike Dugdale. Mike and his family, have lived in the village for over 30 years. Mike has a demonstrated & respected history of working in the media production industry, a proven & credited reputation in tv production, music, photography, film, documentaries, commercials, and as an experienced international cameraman. Mike has recently been awarded a British Life Photography Award 2019. His pictures of Kent miners are to feature at Betteshanger Regeneration Park in the Autumn of 2019. 


Photography will be either on location, or a studio type setup, or both. In colour or monochrome, digital and/or medium format film. Participants will be required to sign a 'release form' granting copyright for any future use. (release form)

'Thank you for your involvement with this Portrait of a Village Saltwood project...'

Mike Dugdale - Photographer.

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