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The Sir John French Club. Sandling Camp, Saltwood.

At the beginning of the War there were three old militia mess huts on St Martin’s Plain. One was now the “Sir John French” Club, one was the “Kitchener” Club, another was embodied in that, the “Jellicoe”  Club. When the troops were first moved into that camp in the winter the roof of the club was unfinished and the place was floorless. Mr. Coombes rushed round, got barmen, got stores, and when the men arrived there was hot cocoa and coffee ready for them, and uncommonly glad they were to have it. The barmen laboured with their feet in liquid mud and the rain pouring down on them, but it was better than nothing. The roof was eventually finished, and then the floor, and the men appreciated immensely what was done for them, and for that they owed great gratitude to Mr. Coombes

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