'Teddy' The C.E.F. 59th Battalion B Company Mascot Bear at Sandling Camp. c. July 1916

George Hutson snapped these photographs of Teddy, the former 59th Battalion B Company mascot bear, at Sandling Camp.

Quarter Master Sargent George Hutson was one of the original 39th men that sailed from Canada. Hutson was from Belleville where, prior to enlisting, he worked as a stenographer/bookkeeper. He possibly had similar type duties in the army, as he never went to France and spent the duration of the war in England. Thus he was still with the 39th in Sandling when his former 59th pals joined the battalion, bringing Teddy along with them.


(Copyright images by kind permission Doug Kennedy www.facebook.ca/LCJohnKennedy)

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