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The Island Graves of William Tournay Tournay (1849 - 1903) and his Faithful Dog Daisy.

William Tournay Tournay was the last Lord of Brockhill Manor, the Manor house is now a school. William's last years were spent living in a cottage in the valley below Brockhill Manor, known as 'Forty Steps Cottage' which was demolished during the 1960's.


William Tournay Tournay died on 20th August 1903 and he requested that he be buried with his faithful dog and horse on an island in the lake below the cottage. The island and lake now form part of Brockhill Country Park. 


William and his dog 'Daisy' lie on the island. The gravestones are no longer in existence. 



The gravestones of William Tournay Tournay (1849 - 1903) and his dog Daisy on Brockhill Park Island. The gravestones no loger exist.

This may be the only photograph existing of the graves.

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